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Angetriebene Werkzeuge

Driven Tools 


Complete machining in the machine,
no further clamping required,
thus higher parts output per hour,
thereby increasing productivity
Significant advantages through the patented gear system

special seals guarantee an extra long service life and long-lasting precision


Advantages of the driven tools

High performance, maximum rigidity and service life.
Fully sealed / encapsulated
Special bearing sealed on the outside.
Heat reduction through low-friction components
super compact patented power transmission by means of

Hexagonal coupling between gear wheel and shaft
no play, no vibration, low noise
Oversized bearings, high rigidity and maximum torque.


Self-centering steady rest for turret

Quick and easy installation without hydraulic connection.

100% plug and play.

Closing the arms by the coolant system.

The arms are opened by a spring system.

Several models with different clamping force available.


Driven hobbing tool

Manufacture of various gears on shafts and wheels.


Powered slotting tool

The slotting tools are available in four different designs (with 25, 35, 50 and 65 stroke) with a maximum groove width capacity of 10 mm.
The rotation of the driven tool drive of the turret is converted into a lifting cycle by means of a rigid valve box.
Each revolution is converted into a stroke cycle (ratio 1: 1).
The shaping tool can be used in all radial turrets listed in our online catalog.

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