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APS (Automatic Positioning System) is a zero-point clamping system between the
Machine table and the clamping device and/or directly with the one to be processed
workpiece. The flexibility of the APS system allows you to work in one operation,
position and clamp.


Pneumatic system

The APS system is unlocked or flooded using oiled compressed air (6 bar).
It is locked by means of spring force and 3 locking slides. (No compressed air is necessary in the locked state).
The clamping bolts (A; B; C), which are located on the clamping device or are located directly in the workpiece,

are directly linked to the APS 0-point clamping modules connected.
Positioning and clamping takes place in a single operation with a repeat accuracy of <0.005 mm.


Reduced "set-up" times

Your set-up times are reduced by up to 90%!

With APS you will achieve an unprecedented level  Flexibility and thus an enormous saving of Time and costs in your production.


Turbo function

Pull-in force by means of springs = 7.5KN

With the turbo function, the pull-in force increases to 26KN.



The only system on the market with 3 clamping slides.

Patented stroke monitoring system, ideal for automation.

With turbo function, pulling power up to 45 KN

Automatic cleaning function - sealing air

System control by means of an air sensor.


APS on work

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