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Speedy Vise

SPEEDY VISE   Pneumatic quick clamping system
SV-130, SV-160

Simple and easy on/off switch. A monitoring switch for a automatic query z. E.g. available for integration in an automatic FMS production system.
For safety reasons, the maximum clamping stroke must not be greater than 4mm.
(For optimal and safe clamping, the clamping stroke must be preset to 2mm)
Fast on/off in just 1.5 seconds.
Quick set-up for multiple clamping is possible thanks to an optionally available air connection.
Free adjustment of the maximum pneumatic clamping force (see graphic) by means of a manual
Pressure regulator.
The main body of the clamp is inductively hardened to HRC 45.
The clamping jaws have an active pull-down thanks to an embedded, flattened ball in the inclined jaw mounts.



Speedy Vise SV130 / SV 160

Properties / performance data:

Robust, stable one-piece lower part with cast fixed jaw on the lower part of the clamp.

Extremely stiff and tensile lower part made of FCD60 JIS (corresponds to GGG60) with 600 N/mm^2, or 80,000 psi minimum tensile strength.  

Mainly used in mass production on machining centers and rotary transfer machines.

Extremely compact pneumatic mechanism. No oil needed.

Very compact design in length, with an optimal length-to-span ratio.

Self-locking clamping mechanism, even if there is a sudden loss of pressure, the clamping force is retained and the workpiece remains clamped.


Pneumatic circuit diagram

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