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Universal pallet handling system
The perfect automation for Machine Tools

Automation systems increase the efficiency of the machining center


Advantages of the pallet handling system

✓ Flexibility (different types of parts)
✓ Versatility - integration with a wide variety of machines
✓ Efficiency - Fully automated solution, the Machine operator can work on more than one machine tool
✓ Minimal tying time using standardized pallets, combined with a precise and repeatable clamping system
✓ Inexpensive solution - quick integration and use of the machine


ZP-10 Universal Pallet Changer

✓ flexibility
✓ Versatility
✓ efficiency
✓ Minimized setting time
✓ Inexpensive solution
✓ max.workpiece size ⌀350 x 380 mm
✓ Pallet loading capacity max. 250 kg
✓ max.number of pallets 10 pieces.
✓ User-friendly PLC Beckhoff interface



Why is it worth trusting us?

✓ A comprehensive provider of complete solutions - design, manufacture, assembly, implementation and maintenance overtake.
✓ Team of highly qualified and experienced engineers.
✓ Together with automation systems, we offer full technical support for maximum efficiency of the implemented solution.


If you would like to:

1. Receive an offer and further details on the selected automation system?
2. Learn more about us and our other automation solutions?
3. Increase the efficiency of your workpiece loading?
4. Receive a technical analysis of your processes and a proposal for optimization with return of investment calculation?

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