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CNC end mill finishing a stack of steel plate with metal filings chips and heavy smoke tra

our mission

First of all, we can tell you how big we are, what we can do, how individual and tailor-made everything is - everything that you have heard and read umpteen times elsewhere. But we don't!

Instead, we will show and prove to you why it is worth working with us and why we will find your "desired solution" together, even if you are not yet completely clear about your ideas.

...we offer:  Precision clamping tools for stationary and rotary clamping technology, and automation systems for Machine Tools, with the current focus on:


  • Face plates and jaw boxes

  • TOUCHDEX rotary tables, indexer

  • Centering clamping systems

  • Vice systems, TCt, MC, IMG

  • Multiple clamping systems CIVI 2000 and TETRABLOK

  • Scratch automatic marking tool APW

  • Tombstones, modular clamping systems

  • Stationary clamping systems

  • Zero-point clamping systems and TDM-Torque, Die & Mold

  • Driven tools - live tooling

  • Pallet changing systems


  • Our clamping tools are used on machine tools and machining centers in the metalworking industry.

...what we can do for you:

  • competent consulting

  • future-oriented, specialized range of products 

  • Development of needs-specific clamping solutions 

Our experts

Professionals with more than 30 years of experience

about us

We are your contact for everything         clamping and automation on turning

and milling machines

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