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CIVI 2000

CIVI 2000, CIVI SinterGrip
& TETRABLOK multiple clamping systems



CIVI 2000 multiple clamping system

CIVI 2000 is a very interesting modular multiple clamping system, which drastically reduces the non-productive times of the machine tool during machining by clamping many workpieces and makes maximum use of the machine's traverse paths!


CIVI 2000 SinterGrip multiple clamping system

No separate embossing station is required for pre-embossing.
There is no pre-machining of the workpiece such as pre-milling
of dovetail surfaces necessary.
It does not require any additional clamping devices.
Exceptionally high stability of the workpiece.
No vibrations during processing.
Without deformations or deformations (by reducing the
Elasticity after the first perforation).

CIVI2000 SinterGrip


CIVI 2000 SinterGrip technology 

Minimum clamping depth: only 3.5 mm or 2 mm

Enormous material savings.  The possibility of machining the workpiece with very short tools (for 5-axis machines).    

Enormous machining volume = reduction of the main time per part.

Backlash-free geometric pairings; Different types of SinterGrip for different  Materials (aluminum, steel, titanium and hardened steel).


TETRABLOK  Multiple clamping system

The 4-workpiece clamping device TETRABLOK rounds off the multiple clamping system CIVI 2000 with a good price / performance ratio.

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