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APW-R20 Ritzkennzeichnungswerkzeug

automatic writing tool

Structure and function of the marking tool APW-R20
The APW-R20 is a high-quality marking tool for CNC machines, with which surfaces up to 60 HRC with an unevenness of up to 5 mm can be marked.

This tool does not require spindle rotation,
no cooling lubricant and no compressed air. Without a speed, you can mark as quickly as your machine tool is able to follow the contour of the characters. Speeds of up to 300 rpm and the wetting of the surfaces with cooling lubricant or oil are permitted but not necessary.


Possible uses


The APW-R20 can be used in any CNC machine with automatic tool change and software for engraving as well as on suitable robots.
It is used to mark a wide variety of materials, from plastics to aluminum and titanium to highly tempered steels of 60 HRC.
With this tool, machined and raw surfaces, even on cast parts, can be evenly marked with an unevenness of up to 5 mm.
Different special needles are available depending on the area of application and the desired font width.


Setting the marking depth

Setting the marking depth:
The marking depth depending on the surface hardness can be determined by turning the adjusting ring over a scale value from 1 - 20. The higher the scale value, the greater the force with which the "curling" takes place and the deeper the marking becomes.
It is best to start with a scale setting of 6 mm and then increase or decrease the scale setting according to your needs.

The length of the APW-R20 does not change due to different scale settings.
Scale settings over 15 are only permissible in connection with small spring depths of the needle up to a maximum of 1.5 mm and should only be implemented in special cases.



Life of the needle

Experience shows that the service life of the needle under normal conditions and material hardness
several years, or over a marking range of
more than 40 km is enough. We refer to the fact that only the special needle manufactured by us
brings the desired marking quality.

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