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Mechanical zero point system: revolution in precision and performance

In the world of mechanics and precision manufacturing, efficiency and accuracy are critical. The PLUS 5 mechanical zero point system brings both together in an innovative system.



Unique locking and unlocking

With a twist of just 140 degrees, the PLUS 5 system offers a quick and efficient method to lock and unlock bolts. This minimizes manual labor and speeds up the work process.


High precision and locking force

Thanks to the mechanism where a cam is operated by an eccentric bolt, the PLUS 5 system guarantees utmost precision and robust locking force. This ensures that your workpieces are held securely and firmly in place.


Uniform Force Transfer

The specialty of the PLUS 5 system lies in its vectorial force transfer. By blocking all four bolts simultaneously with the cam, a uniform and multidirectional restraint is ensured. This means that the bolts are securely and firmly restricted in all directions, providing optimal stability during the manufacturing process.



Technical excellence

The PLUS 5 mechanical zero point system is a product of technical excellence and innovation. If you want to enhance your production efficiency and accuracy, the PLUS 5 system is the solution you've been waiting for.


Contact us now to learn more about the PLUS 5 system and its benefits.

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