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Metalworking CNC milling machine. Cutting metal modern processing technology. Small depth

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Clamping solutions on machining centers

Grid tombstones for clamping dies for forged components on YASDA machining centers



10-fold pallet changer

✓ Flexibility (different types of parts)
✓ Versatility - integration with a wide variety of machines
✓ Efficiency - Fully automated solution with which the  Machine operator can work on more than one machine tool
✓ Minimal tying time using standardized pallets, combined with a precise and repeatable clamping system
✓ Inexpensive solution - quick integration and use of the machine


APS zero point clamping station

8-fold APS 140 zero point clamping station

APS Bild Für die Produktseite APS3.png
2078-AN-V2 DK2.500-P2.000Z (002)-1.jpg


360 ° rotary table  with
ES electric chuck

The centering and clamping of large roller cages for roller bearings of wind turbines on a 360 ° turntable


TDM "Torque Die & Mold"

The main and classic area of application for the TDM "Torque Die & Mold" system is mold construction.

The machining example shows a vertical clamping of a component (car door) using the TDM zero point system for 5-sided machining in the mold attachment.

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