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MSZ Klauenkästen

MSZ jaw boxes

+ Various sizes with slot spacing 80-320mm, or up to max. unlimited

+ Full steel version

+ all components hardened and ground

+ Hard base jaws and hard top jaws with cross offset

+ Soft top jaws and elevations optional
+ Special solutions + Custom-made products



MSZ jaw boxes "SKS-MINI"

Our "SKS-MINI" represents a suitable alternative for small vertical lathes and machining centers with rotary tables.

Where the larger types of claw boxes would take up too much space unnecessarily, our "MINI" jaw boxes are mainly used directly in the (one) T-slot.

Stroke 45mm
Screw spacing 80mm
Torque 170Nm
Clamping force 36kN

Drawing SKS-MINI-2P-14T

Drawing SKS-MINI-2P-4M12

Drawing SKS-MINI-2P-18T

Drawing SKS-MINI-2P-22T

SKS-MINI-2P-18T Technical Information

SKS-MINI-2P - Safety and work areas


MSZ jaw boxes "SKS-S"

These "SKS-S" jaw boxes have a milled space around the clamping spindle for easier cleaning.

The clamping spindle of the jaw boxes is tempered and case hardened. The surface hardness exceeds 60 HRC, so a long service life is guaranteed.

Clamping and handling with these claw boxes is quick and easy, which shortens set-up times.

T-slot distances are 120, 125, 140, 152, 160, 165, 170, 175, 180, 200, 220mm. We can also offer any design and adapt the jaw boxes to your rotary table/faceplate. The clamping force of the SKS-S series is 60 kN.
Torque 500Nm
Stroke 92mm

Drawing SKS-S-2P 125

Drawing SKS-S-2P 125 XLA

Drawing SKS-S-2P 140

Drawing SKS-S-2P 150 DA

Drawing SKS-S-2P 160

Drawing SKS-S-2P 170

Drawing SKS-S-2P 175 XHL



MSZ jaw boxes "SKS-T"

The "SKS-T" jaw boxes are a stronger and more powerful alternative to the SKS-S series.

The internal components are designed to be very robust in order to achieve clamping forces of over 100KN.

The maximum tightening torque is 1500 Nm.

Minimum distance of the T-slots for "SKS-T" is 170, maximum distance is not limited.

The clamping force of the SKS-T series is 100 kN.
Torque 1500Nm
Stroke 110mm

Drawing SKS-T 200 HC

Drawing SKS-T 220

Drawing SKS-T 240


MSZ jaw boxes "SKS-HD" Heavy Duty

The "SKS-HD" jaw boxes are used for the largest lathes and heaviest workpieces.

These are extremely robust jaw boxes for vertical lathes of the largest dimensions.

Wherever our SKS-T series is no longer sufficient, the "SKS-HD" type jaw boxes are used. The proven design, combined with the precise jaw guidance, ensures a very high level of safety.

With a maximum tightening torque of up to 5000Nm, approx. 500kN is achieved.
The clamping force of the SKS-HD series is max. 500kN.
Torque 5000Nm
Stroke 130mm

Drawing SKS-HD 320

RSVS 320 HDB 3.png

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